About Us

Club 859 is the by-product of a dream, vision, and businesses that were founded by childhood friends Mickey Marron, Owen Roeder, and Phillip Lehman.

By October of 2022, what first started as a passion project and keen interest about streetwear & culture, the founders, having little to absolutely no knowledge and resources about the new venture they were about to enter persistently continued and learned various ways on how to have a shirt designed and accustomed to the liking of people from all walks of life that definitively manifests an exceptional story that people could relate to.

With all the raunchy and remarkable messages and unique artistry in each piece they produce, their brand was able to reach out and highlight the youth in every person they came across and positively influence those who believe in what they do. 

Fast forward to just recently, an opportunity came into sight as a vacant space was available and they knew they had to materialize so they could better cater to their customers that ultimately became friends and family. This space is now what we come to know as the Club 859 Company HQ.

Ever since then, the brand has never stopped moving forward and has continuously evolved by further cultivating their relationship with every individual alike and the community as a whole.

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